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Write to Heal

“Researchers are only beginning to get at how and why writing may benefit the immune system, and why some people appear to benefit more than others. There is emerging agreement, however, that the key to writing's effectiveness is in the way people use it to interpret their experiences, right down to the words they choose. Venting emotions alone--whether through writing or talking--is not enough to relieve stress, and thereby improve health… To tap writing's healing power, people must use it to better understand and learn from their emotions…” (As cited by Dr Brad Brenner, in an online article: Creativity is your Secret Advantage to Mental Health and Well-Being.’)

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This course has been successfully delivered as a Bespoke offering to a student cohort of 25. It can be offered as part of ongoing complementary therapy for overall well-being, critical self reflection and personal development by any one or more organisation to their clients. This particular course is tailormade to accommodate the diverse, social and cultural experiences of those from global majority backgrounds - African, Asian, African-Caribbean/Black heritage. You can contact us to discuss this in in more detail here.


You will be invited to share their pieces with the class (in small break out groups) for encouraging, positive feedback, which will be guided by the Course Tutor. To enable your development in the writing process, you will be required to read/view extracts from sources that fit the weekly theme, which will be shared in advance of the week ahead. You will then write a piece based on the theme and as inspired by the weekly reading/viewing extract.

As part of the course, participants receive a complementary life writing title (Mama Lou Tales, published by Way Wive Wordz), a notebook and pen. The aim is to encourage reading as well as writing and complement the development of their writing through observing examples. The notebook is for them to keep a journal of thier progress as well as to inspire writing ideas – as inspired by Julia Cameron’s ‘Morning Pages’ from her book The Artist’s Way (1995).


On successful completion of at least 9 sessions of this 12-week course, participants be rewarded with another complementary title – that exemplifies life writing in a cultural and political activist form: Doing Nothing is Not an Option about the life of Jessica and Eric Huntley, written by Dr Margaret Andrews. This will hopefully incentivise students to complete a minimum requirement and progress to their next level of writing from their cultural experiences.

To discuss arranging this course as a Bespoke Package or to find out when it will next be delivered please get in touch with us.


Following the successful 12 week introductory Write to Heal course, and the submission of the report with recommendations to BAME Voice, we recognise the importance of supporting the participants on their journey to mental health and overall wellbeing through the medium of writing.

In our report we recommended a publication be produced with contributions by the students, which will reflect the excellent quality of writing initiated during the course. The publication will also show what can be achieved with relevant access to funding. We further recommended an additional course, focusing on specific processes which, in this advance programme we call ‘W-rites’ aimed to promote deep healing and wellbeing.

For this advance programme, attendees are invited to locate deeper areas in their life experiences to source effective healing strategies for long term health, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually. As with the introductory course, participants are guided to approach their writing, whether fiction or non-fiction by exploring culturally specific experiences, including spirituality and historical references. Additionally, however, there will be a chance for attendees to do ‘residential,’ meaning in-person, mindfulness therapies as part of the course. They will also be given the chance to explore how they continue to live with Covid, lock-down and post-pandemic experiences.

The Residentials

As part of this advance course, there will be an opportunity for students to take part in 3 guided in-person ‘residentials’ lead by experienced facilitators. This will enable participants to engage in empowering mindfulness activities and share their responses reflectively in writing.

Residential 1 – Walking Meditation Healing (Morden Hall Park/Johmard Community Centre

Residential 2 – Sound Healing (Johmard Community Centre)

Residential 3 – Movement Healing (Johmard Community Centre)

Each session will last 2-4 hours and take place on a Saturday, every 2-3 weeks throughout the duration of the course.

To discuss arranging this course as a Bespoke Package or to find out when it will next be delivered please get in touch with us.


"The title of the course was pertinent in that each assignment required I interrogate my past experiences and my current mindset. Whilst I have very little experience in creative writing per se, the feedback from fellow students and Michelle, was very encouraging. I will continue to write as a means of an outlet and who knows where that may lead. The sharing of works and therefore experiences with other students was beneficial on many levels. In addition, as a result of undertaking the course I have started my reflective journal again. And more importantly, my 14y old daughter, who is home educated, has now developed a passion for writing poetry."

Jennifer Douglas

"A very knowledgeable, passionate and encouraging teacher. Educative, both in how it drew out talents, abilities and provided insight and understanding into being a writer, whilst subtly facilitating healing. A great stretch and inspiring."

Delroi Williams

"An excellent course with an exceptional Author who opened up many gateways to go through and access a deeper and more conscious way of viewing and writing. Wisdom and knowledge were in abundance through all who participated. I Would definitely redo the course again in person...I recommend Michelle Yaa Asantewa to the Universe, Stars and Earthly beings."


"For anyone looking to embark upon a creative spiritual writing practice, this course is an absolute must. Being able to share and hear the progress in each other’s pieces was a real privilege."

Clancy Williams

"I found that this course took me down a spiritual development route, which was unexpected. I dug deeper in reflection of my voice and the healing power of my storytelling. My peers were talented, supportive and offered collective healing. As a result, I have become more confident with my writing and sharing my work with the world, including my mother (my muse). Sharing my words bought me to a closer connection with others and to be truly seen as a gifted writer."


"The course was amazing. My Tuesday night was always an excitement. I will recommend this course to anyone creative on not. It was very healing. I cannot wait to do another one. The teacher is so talented. I felt valued, listened and she even offer me personal extra help with my writing since English is my second language. The course was a dream come true."

Katia Gboizo

"Truly grateful am I to have been part of this course. It helped to heal and alieviate some of the anxiety built up during the pandemic and give a creative outlet to feelings of anger and grief. I learned to give true expression to my thoughts, learned how to critique work and met many amazing and talented Sisters and Brothers."


This course as transformed me within and without. My confidence is presently cruising pass mars. An excellent course for those who are ready and willing to fly."

Winora Smith

"Although it was a 'Write to Heal' course it was also a write to get through seasonal depression. I'm grateful for the exposure to various writing themes, literature etc., and opportunities to discuss and engage with others on various topics. The facilitator was patient, knowledgeable and brave to share strong and sensitive themes in order for us to engender bravery and uncover blocks to our healing. Such courses should be run more frequently to enable access for communities otherwise facing barriers and stigma in addressing collective and individual trauma, delivered within environments that are supportive and culturally appropriate. The course has been a game changer to my year so far and instrumental to my development as a writer."


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