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We're delighted to work with clients who prepared to entrust their unique vision to us. We have a strong ethos of professionalism and confidentiality. We will always share our thoughts about your ideas and decisions with sensitivity. Our aim is to ensure your needs for success are well met, delivering on high quality, honesty and timeliness. 


The service provided was excellent - very professional,  thorough, quick turnaround, insightful feedback and comments and all deadlines were met.


Obi & Titi

 Way Wive Wordz were delighted to work on these three books from the Obi and Titi series, written by Oyehmi Begho. In producing these brilliant stories, Obi and Titi say their mission is 'to teach children about ancient African empires and their important contribution to present day civilisation through a blend of fun, fact and fiction.' Visit their website and get your copies of the books.

Edited by Way Wive Wordz, Nadia Denton's The Nigerian Filmmaker's Guide to Success: Beyond Nollywood is an invaluable source for anyone interested in African Cinema.


"The guide - which predicts the future of the industry and features extensive testimony from leading lights in the Nigerian film industry offers important advice in the key areas of finance, development, marketing, exhibition and distribution. It is the first book to take an overview of the Nigerian film industry looking beyond Nollywood."

I met Michelle in person and was impressed by the way she presented herself. I felt that she was someone I could trust with my work and that she had personal integrity. I also was reassured by the fact that even though she did not have a professional background in the subject matter I had written about she had a healthy interest. I will use the service for more editing in the future and recommend Way Wive Wordz because they are reliable and trustworthy.


Nadia Denton

Author Nigerian Filmmaker's Guide to Success


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