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Way Wive Wordz are sad to hear of the passing of Professor Gordon Rohlehr, on 29th January 2023. Regarded as one of the 'finest minds' on Calypso, and Caribbean cultural aesthetics, Rohlehr was an inspiration for us, long before we ventured into the world of independent publishing and educational consultancy, centred on elevating marginalised voices and cultural experiences. His legacy is vast and we have much work to do in advancing his vision to promote the peculiar and unique aspects of Caribbean cultures, past, present and future. We celebrate this legacy and delight in his work and memory as we say keep 'walking good.'

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Black History Walks

Colliers Wood Visit

Saturday 11th March: 6.00pm

Black History walks in London Volume 1 is out in bookshops and on Audible from NOW! This unique book examines the streets of London from an African/Caribbean perspective and tells stories that the typical history books and tour guides never cover. Based on 20 years of community work and 16 years of Black history walking tours across London, this launch will sample the topics covered in the book such as:

  • Black heroes of World War 2

  • Gentrification, partner,box hand and sou sou

  • Ancient African architecture and culture

  • Black British Civil Rights

  • The fight for educational equality 1700s to 2022

  • Black films and white power, African Odysseys at the BFI

  • Elephant and Castle, Imperial Gardens and institutional racism

  • Tax dodgers and Caribbean money havens

  • Clean drinking water and multinationals

  • Medical experiments, genocide and reparations

  • Black success stories 1950's and up

  • Politics,, police and deaths in custody

  • Making history with GCSE text books, billboards and blue plaques

  • Racism in publishing

Johmard Community Centre
65-67 High Street
Colliers Wood
SW19 2JF

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