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Morning Muse

A lovely mid-morning sun

cascades into my room

Little squares of light

rise and refract

A glimmer remains

a tiny circle of orange

gliding in the secret chamber

Three birds criss cross

electric cables

untempted to perch

A line of luminosity

is constant amidst

The swell of grey clouds

veering in a direction I can’t follow

A daring patch of blue

hovers higher with

a delighting promise

A lone magpie dives

from rooftop to low wall

its mate being chased

by a menacing pigeon

Now comes the seagulls

swirling aimlessly

Maybe they’re attracted

to this heart

Maybe they’re calling

me to flight

That’s some new promise

the Universe beckons

The stillness of this morning

has a lonely feeling

Yet I am charmed

by the hope spread

playfully on the wings

of those ordinary birds.

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