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Publishing, Editing and Proof reading 


At Way Wive Wordz we aim to produce a range of fiction and non-fiction work that are well written and edited through our publishing and editing services.  We are commited to enhancing quality and optimising accuracy of details, no matter what the content.


We encourage you to consider key attributes that would enable you to produce work at optimum level. Experience has shown that this is achieved with critical self reflection, spiritual and cultural awareness, readiness to commit to hardwork and discipline. Our method is to combine these factors to enhance the success and quality of your writing. We  supply the tools but the drive, originality and dedication come from you. We see your success as fulfilling spiritual aspiration as well as personal and professional development. 

Our "lotusquill" will transform your way wive wordz...

We aim to create stimulating and dynamic fiction and non-fiction books that will spiritually uplift, inspire and educate. We welcome works that have a strong social and cultural agenda, that are radical in expression. From fact to fantasy, sci-fi (especially Afro-futuristic) to young adult fiction, graphic novels and short story, screen plays, and TV drama - let the WORDZ flow and build beautiful worlds. 


Our professional copy editing and proofreading service ensures clarity and accuracy in any writing, whether academic essays, dissertations, articles, blogs, personal statements. We specialise in enhancing content that requires optimum quality. 


We offer literary consultations and manuscript assessments to so you can produce the best quality work whether for self-publishing or to submit to traditional publishers. Check out our competitive rates here.

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