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Welcome to Way Wive Wordz

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Inspiring academic and creative excellence, enabling projects that are radical expressions of cultural and spiritual identities, building self confidence and developing aspirations through the medium of wordz.


We specialize in raising academic achievement, inspiring creativity and personal development through the power of the word.

Our Editing and Proofreading services aim to enhance the content and quality of a range of publications, fiction, non-fiction, blogs, essays, dissertations, professional statements and websites. Our Tuition service promotes excellence in personal and academic achievements. We offer one-to-one and group tuition, to improve academic and personal development.  Our Publishing service aims to create stimulating and dynamic fiction and non-fiction books that will spiritually uplift, inspire and culturally educate.



As a multi-discipline platform, we offer a range of services that are culturally engaging, educational and spiritually uplifting. We produce fiction and non-fiction publications, offering our editing and proofreading experience so you can be fully satisfied with your manuscript. We are committed to enhancing quality and optimising accuracy of details, no matter what the content. Our courses advance personal development and spiritual awareness. These are complemented by our tuition services aimed at improving your overall academic and creative abilities.


Fairy Lights


We aim to create stimulating and dynamic fiction and non-fiction books that will spiritually uplift, inspire and educate. As a small independent publisher we welcome  radical works that have  strong cultural, political, social and spiritual content. 


All our courses are aimed to develop self confidence, advance cultural awareness educational proficiency.  Whether bespoke packages delivered to organisations, group workshops or through our one to one mentoring programmes, our courses are professionally delivered and always fully interactive.


Our copy editing and proofreading service ensures clarity and accuracy in any writing, whether academic essays, dissertations, articles, blogs, personal statements, or full manuscripts. Whatever project you're working on, we'll work with you to develop it to a high standard for publication or submission to literary agents and publishers. 


We offer literary consultations and manuscript assessments so you can produce the best quality work, whether for self-publishing or to submit to traditional publishers. We also provide one-to one mentoring for personal development and on writing projects. Cultural educational consultancy and workshops are key areas of our work. 

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